Yasen Yankov

Yasen Yankov has over 15 years experience in software development in the fintech industry. Prior to joining Nexo, he was Head of Engineering in a global fintech company and led over 20 teams in the Crypto & Consumer Digital Wallets division. Yasen is VP of Product Development @ Nexo, leading the institutional trading products as well as managing both engineering, product & infrastructure teams. Co founder of MindHub, an innovative programming academy for kids.

Designing a Crypto Trading Engine Based on Microservices and Event-Driven Architecture

Day 4 - March 11th 10:30-11:20 Main Hall #Influencers Expert
  • Crypto Trading Engine — The What’s, the Why’s and the How’s
  • Divide & Conquer: How microservices and the single responsibility principle solves the business complexity problem one task at a time
  • Orchestrate 70+ applications conundrum in a fault-tolerant microservice environment
  • Design asynchronous event driven pipelines with eventual consistency in mind (15k+ msg/s)


Day 1 - March 8th 11:00-11:30 Main Hall #Influencers Opening Keynote Yasen Yankov, Dr. Pavlin Dobrev, Iva Abadjieva